Our Values

At Dominion Solicitors LLP, we share a unique set of values. We believe in:

Mutual Respect

Everyone is important to us in delivering our services to you. We treat both staff and clients with respect, fairness and courtesy. We recognize the need to balance personal and business needs.

High standard of service

We strive at all times to handle your legal matter competently and diligently, in accordance with the highest standards of the profession.

Team work

We recognise that every individual has important contribution to make in achieving the overall corporate goal of our firm. Therefore we work as a team by combining individual talents, skills and experience in providing services to our clients.

Openness and Integrity

To us, honesty is the best policy and we recognise the need to earn your trust in our dealings with you. We will be transparent, honest, accountable and act with utmost integrity. We charge reasonable fee and explain to you in advance how that fee will be computed and billed. See further details on our pricing in the section dealing with Transparency and Pricing in relation to our Immigration and Family law practice.

Strong client relationship

We value our clients and the need to maintain strong relationships with them. We will deliver to you the level of service that is designed to exceed your expectation. We will regularly give you update on your matter, promptly respond to your requests by telephone calls, e-mail letters and text messages if so requested.

Respect for client’s decision

We respect your decisions on the legal objectives to be pursued in your case, as permitted by law and the applicable rules of professional conduct, including whether or not to settle your case.

Preserving client’s confidence

We preserve the client confidences learned during our lawyer-client relationship. We do not permit any unauthorised disclosure and you will be informed in advance whenever it is necessary to make any disclosure to a relevant third party in the course of providing you with our legal services.

Equality and Diversity

Our firm is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to Equality and Diversity both in principle and in practice. We respect individual rights and treat everyone equally and with courtesy regardless of their race, nationality, gender, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation. 

Continuous improvement

The only thing that is constant is change. Therefore we are always striving to discover better ways of doing things in order to remain relevant. We fully embrace technology in delivering smart services to our valued clients.

Staff motivation

We endeavour to motivate our staff by recognising and adequately rewarding them for their service, mentoring, training them to think strategically and to be proactive in the ways of doing things. We encourage and help them to improve their skills through continuous professional training and development, in-house training and workshops and embracing use of technology in service delivery.