Immigration Law

We provide specialist services to both individuals and business organisations on a range of immigration issues. We provide highly personalised services sensitive to meeting our clients’ needs. We have experience, tried and tested solicitors to represent you in the following areas of Immigration practice:

  • Visitors visa
  • Students visa applications
  • Applications for extension of leave to remain
  • Sponsor licensor applications
  • Marriage and family applications
  • Work permits
  • Investors and entrepreneurs
  • Asylum applications
  • Representation at First-tier Immigration and Upper Tribunals
  • Judicial reviews
  • European Economic Area (EEA) applications
  • General immigration advisory services.

Our fees

Our fixed fee structure is very simple, straight forward, reasonable and transparent. We also offer affordable and flexible terms of payment of our professional fees depending on the client’s circumstances. We charge fixed fee which is agreed upon in advance in most cases and full payment is not dependent on the outcome of the application. The agreed fee does not extend to professional fee for submitting fresh application in cases of refusal or in cases where an application is declared invalid because of client’s failure to comply with some requirement(s) or request(s) after being duly advised or notified. Usually Immigration Tribunal appeals are concluded in a single hearing but where, in rare cases, your appeal extends beyond a single day hearing or is adjourned by the presiding judge or Tribunal to another date for reasons not attributable to any default on our part you will be billed for the additional day(s) hearing which will be communicated to you before the adjourned date. In addition, our fee does not include the application fees payable to the Home Office or to Immigration Tribunals in cases of appeal and judicial reviews.

We charge for the initial one-hour consultation session and our fee is £100.00. When you instruct us on the matter the consultation fee is deducted from the agreed professional fee. At least 50% of the agreed fee is payable upon opening of your file and commencement of work on your matter. Full payment must be made before your application is submitted or at the time your letter for biometric enrolment is received from the Home Office or in accordance with agreed flexible terms of payment. No refund is normally made once we have commenced working on a matter where a client decides to withdraw instruction except at our discretion. Our fees are as follows:

  • One hour consultation fee to assess and advice on your application – £100.00
  • Leave to remain in the UK as married, civil or unmarried partner £1000.00
  • Entry clearance application -spouse/fiancee/dependent children £1000.00
  • Extension of leave to remain in the UK as married, civil or unmarried partner £900.00
  • Indefinite leave to remain as spouse £900.00
  • Citizenship and naturalisation £900.00
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur and investors £1250.00
  • Tier 2 General visa and Minister of Religion applications £1000.00
  • Tier 2 General visa and Minister of Religion extensions £900.00
  • Tier 4 General Student visa in-country £800.00
  • Tier 4 General Student entry clearance visa £900.00
  • Leave Outside the Immigration Rules Applications £1200.00
  • Long residence applications £1200.00
  • EEA Applications £1000.00
  • Discretionary leave/indefinite leave £1000.00
  • Humanitarian leave/indefinite leave £1000.00
  • Asylum Application £1000.00
  • Asylum Application – indefinite leave £1000.00
  • Immigration Appeal (non-asylum) (excluding travelling costs for hearings outside Birmingham) £1500
  • Asylum Appeal (excluding travelling costs for hearings outside Birmingham) £1500.00
  • Bail Applications (CIO or Immigration Tribunal) excluding travelling cost outside Birmingham £1000.00
  • Application for Administrative Review £500.00
  • Drafting and filing an application for permission to appeal to FTT or UT for existing clients (excluding hearing fee where permission is granted) £500
  • Drafting and filing application for permission to appeal to FTT or UT for new clients (excluding hearing fee where permission is granted) £750.00
  • Application for permission for judicial review excluding counsel and court filing fee £1500.00

Note that the above stated professional fees for Home Office applications may be reviewed upward depending on the complexity of the applications or the volume due to number of applicants but this will be discussed and agreed upon with the client(s) before a formal agreement is drawn.


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as Home Office court fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.